The Beginner's Guide To Gambling In Sin City

The Beginner's Guide To Gambling In Sin City

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently revealed some rather interesting financial statistics.

In 2016, the overall revenue generated from gambling in the state was a staggering $11.3 billion dollars. Well, maybe not so staggering in relation with previous years because the total sum of $11.3 billion was just a 1% increase from 2015.

The bulk of the total sum was generated from slot machines. This accounted for over 60% of the total.

The casinos in Downtown Las Vegas generated more than half a billion dollars in the same year. Also, Reno casinos generated $596 million which was a 4.5% increase from the figures in 2015.

Despite these figures that might seem humongous to the layman, gambling actually used to be way better in the state of Nevada. Experts say that the state of gambling in Nevada has become quite redundant since 2009.

If that was not clear to you, let me be more specific. Gambling generated more than $10 billion dollars for a state that is half desert and experts claim THIS is a failure. That should tell you all you need to know about how big a business gambling is to the city of Las Vegas.

For years, Las Vegas has been referred to as the Gambling Capital of the World. And this is from people who would rather say that to the more popular Sin City. If you are looking or online gambling options, you can check out,

My job here is to give you a blow by blow on how to have a wonderful experience in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of casinos in Las Vegas with the most popular way being, arguably, Caesar's Palace.

The city is dominated by jaw dropping casino hotels that dot its skyline. Inside, these casino hotels have art galleries, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs and theatres. Some even have gondola rides!

Here are some of the best casinos in Sin City.

Red Rock Resort

This casino hotel is located near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It is owned by Station Casinos, a casino that gained popularity because it focused on the original occupants of Nevada.

It organizes a pool concert series during the summer and, at the same time, it hosts a 7000 set outdoor amphitheater.

Aria At CityCentre

This casino is known for its 67 acre centrepiece. But this is usually overshadowed by the fact that it has a life sized statue of Elvis Presley in its theatre, the Cirque due Soleil production Viva Elvis.

The hotel has a dark wood designed and it follows a water theme. This is exemplified by the large fountains placed at the entrance.

Other than the water theme, the centre also has a heavy arts theme. A sculpture NY Maya Lin called Silver River is situated at the reception area.

Aria features over 15 restaurants and most of these are overseen by star chefs.


The Bellagio is one of the most important Las Vegas land!arks. Its grand opening signalled the period referred to as the era of the mega resort that kicked off late October, 1998.

The most symbolic feature of the establishment is the row of splashy fountains placed at the water show in the hotel front.

The hotel has a botanical garden and a conservatory. A prominent feature of the lobby is an art piece by the renowned sculptor, Dale Chihuly. The poker room is one of the largest with over 40 tables. There is a Leroy Neiman painting in this room and it is christened "The Game".

Wynn Encore

The launching of the encore coincided with the anniversary of its predecessor, the giant Wynn and it was launched in late 2008.

Its interior is reminiscent of the canopies and ceilings of the Bellagio. The country music sensation, Garth Brooks was flown in on a private jet to perform at the encore's grand opening.

The Encore Beach Club provides outdoor entertainment and it is reputed to be the best pool club in Las Vegas.

Venetian Palazzo

This place uses gondoliers. That's the single most important fact to note.

The gondoliers will take you through a waterway that is an exact copy of the famous St Mark's Square.

Another catch is the fact that performers strolling through the venue can perform operatic times at the Grand Canal Shops.

The twin centre was fully launched in 2007. The first part of the pair, The Venetian was launched in May 1999 while the Palazzo was opened in 2007.

The aptly named Lagasse's Stadium situated in the Palazzo is reputed as one of Las Vegas' near sports books.


So, if you ever find your way into any of these lovely casinos, here are some tips for you.

* Gamble with money that will not hurt your overall financial state. If you cannot afford to lose the money you are gambling with, stop. Really, the thrill is not worth it at the end of the day.

* Know when to quit. Good runs don't last forever. When you are ahead, know when to quit. Do not allow greed to come into play.

* Utilize a one way winning strategy. Start your bae's with small wagers. Let your betting increase in relation with the money you have won.

* Be realistic. Don't expect to steamroller your way into a winning outcome. Also, you cannot win all the time, no matter how good you are. Therefore, you should employ a strategy that lets you take each game one at a time.